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Administration of MS Windows Systems

We carry out administrative works on Microsoft Windows Server systems, together with the Active Directory service.

We ensure security, as well as high availability and performance of the monitored systems.
The works are carried out by our team of certified operating system administrators.

The costs include a fixed, lump sum monthly charge depending on the number of servers and systems under administration (according to the limit in force).

Implementation Parameters:

  • Service availability: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. on business days.
  • Guaranteed Customer notification time: 1 hour. Applies to notifications about the necessity to undertake actions beyond the scope of the administration service.

Scope of Actions

  • Management of system resources and services.
  • Management of rights and access to resources.
  • Management of the Active Directory service with respect to:
    • Organizational Units.
    • Group Rules.
    • Locations.
    • Trust Relation.
    • Replication.
    • Certification Authority.
  • Management of users and groups with respect to:
    • Handling accounts and passwords.
    • Handling user templates and profiles.
    • Handling home directories.
    • Mapping resources and scripts.
  • Sharing web resources with users.
  • Sharing multifunctional devices operating on the network with users.
  • Managing system security.
  • Updating systems and installing system patches.
  • Notifying the Customer, an indicated external company or an itWORKS support employee (if the POMOC IT service has been purchased) about the necessity of carrying out actions beyond the scope of the administration service.
  • Reporting completed administrative actions.

This Service Covers:

  • Servers (MS Windows operating system together with system services).
  • Active Directory service.

Prerequisites for Providing the Service:

  • The customer possessing and maintaining, at their own expense, a dedicated Internet line with bandwidth of at least 512 kb/s in both directions with a public IP address.
  • Establishment of a secure communication channel between the Customer’s network and the itWORKS network.
  • Permission for secure remote access by an itWORKS administrator for the purposes of carrying out administrative actions.
  • Permission for the Customer to hand over and share administrative access to the systems under administration.
  • Purchase of a Software Assurance policy for the system by the Customer, if the Customer wants to be able to upgrade the system version when a new update appears.

Achieved benefits:



No need to build a team of professionals, elimination of problems with unavailability of resources (vacations, sick leaves).

Fast response

Fast response

Guaranteed short response time in case of irregularity detection or Customer’s request.

Fixed costs

Fixed costs

Fixed monthly charge depending on the number of systems administrated.



Access to the knowledge and recommendations of experts with respect to the systems in use.

What you will get:

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We are proud to announce that IT Works S.A. has changed its name to Euvic IT S.A.


This name change and rebranding reflect increasingly closer collaboration within the Euvic Technology Group.


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It shall not affect the validity of contract and agreements concluded prior to the change.


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