IT WorksEuvic and 3S Data Center are investing in itWORKS


Euvic and 3S Data Center are investing in itWORKS

Euvic (which is part of the Euvic Technologies Group) purchased 100% of itWORKS shares and later on resold 50% of them to 3S Data Center belonging to the 3S Group.This purchase is a key element of the growth strategy of both capital groups.  The new owners plan to utilize the effects of synergy as a benefit to all organizations.

The new investors aim at the continuation of the current and acquisition of new itWORKS deals as well as development of company’s key business areas: IT outsourcing, data centre & cloud, business continuity and business process management. itWORKS offer complements well the business of Euvic and 3S Group, and the initiated cooperation will open up access to new customers and business relationships in Poland, European Union countries as well as the USA.

The new owners appointed the Management Board composed of the following people: Wojciech Wolny – President of the Board (President and founder of Euvic Group), Bartosz Ćwikliński – Vice-President of the Board (former President of the Management Board at itWORKS), Zbigniew Ciukaj – Vice-President of the Board (holds the same position as before), Marek Faszczewski – Member of the Board (representative of 3S Group).

3S Data Centre S.A. belonging to 3S Group manages a cluster of 5 data centres located in three cities in Poland (Katowice, Warsaw, Krakow) with a total area of more than 4000 m2. The purchase of shares in itWORKS follows the purchase of the data centre in Eurocentre in Katowice (2016) and establishment of 3S BOX S.A. in Warsaw (2016), another investment in business development based on the data centres in 3S Group. itWORKS has been a Customer and a business partner of 3S Group since 2015.
– This transaction is yet another stage of our cooperation with itWORKS- says Zbigniew Szkaradnik, President of the Management Board at 3S Data Centre S.A. – 3S Group gains new integration competences and access to a group of Corporate Customers, whereas itWORKS gains the back-up facilities in the form of data centre and telecommunication infrastructure. As a result of the synergy effect both companies will benefit from closer cooperation. At the same time itWORKS joins a dynamically growing capital group with a big investment potential and a stable financial standing, which gives the company additional opportunities – he adds.

The purchase of shares of itWORKS is the result of an ongoing growth strategy being executed over the last few years at Euvic Technology Group, the largest federation of IT companies in Central Europe.
– I think that becoming the Chief of the management board at itWORKS is one of the most important challenges in my career. I also look forward to working with 3S, and – in particular – close contact with the founders of the company who had proven in the past that they perfectly know how to grow their business – says Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic and a new President of itWORKS. It is worth noting that there is a clear scope of responsibilities of individual investors. While 3S will provide value added services in the area of data centre, Euvic is a natural partner in the field of outsourcing as well as development and maintenance of the Atmosfera ITSM product. I can see a lot of areas where Euvic may learn and benefit from the experience of this company. On the other hand, we want to add more dynamics to its development through changes in the way we do things in key business areas – adds Wojciech Wolny.

Euvic, a company from Gliwice, specializes in software development outsourcing. It employs about 600 engineers supporting customers in 14 countries; it also acts as an industry investor. It is the largest company of the 12 companies of Euvic Technology Group, which in total employs 1500 engineers working in Poland, Germany and the USA. More information at

3S Group with its registered office in Katowice has been arround in the telecommunications industry since 2002. It has its own fibre-optic network with a length of about 3300 km and a Data Centre Cluster. Using the synergy effects, 3S Group provides comprehensive telecommunications and data centre solutions for business clients. More information at


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IT Works S.A. is becoming Euvic IT S.A



We are proud to announce that IT Works S.A. has changed its name to Euvic IT S.A.


This name change and rebranding reflect increasingly closer collaboration within the Euvic Technology Group.


Please note that the contact details, company registration details (tax identification number NIP, registration number REGON) and account numbers remain unchanged.


It shall not affect the validity of contract and agreements concluded prior to the change.


Please visit our new website


For more company related details please visit



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