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In 2017, IT Works became part of the Euvic group, making it possible to combine potential, knowledge, skills and resources with other highly specialized member companies. It has resulted in more sophisticated projects, which are managed better than before, better customer service and more frequent knowledge exchange among employees.

The Euvic Group was established as a result of the merger of several IT companies, which are characterized by experience on the market and an extensive range of competencies to make sure that clients are provided a comprehensive offer of high-quality services. The long-term goal is to transform the group into one organization – Euvic – and a listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

History of the Euvic group

The largest company in this group, Euvic Sp. z o.o. (former LGBS Polska Sp. z o.o.), which generates over half of total revenue, became the basis for the project of the merger of the companies and initiated this process. Euvic has already acquired majority shareholding or shares in several technology companies which have become members of the Euvic Group. The transactions were carried out on the basis of its own funds, without the participation of capital from banks or external investors. This is evidence of the solid financial foundations of the company, which are the result of long-term relationships, reliability and commitment of key managers of individual companies.

Each of the member companies and the whole group focuses on strong equity links between companies, knowledge, experience of employees, as well as the highest quality and comprehensiveness of projects for different types of enterprises, including international clients. As a result, all companies belonging to Euvic Group guarantee effective service and the highest level of competence.

Members of our group

Euvic focuses on broadly defined outsourcing projects – offering the outsourcing of specialists, projects and IT system maintenance. Euvic spins off companies to work on specific solutions, e.g. Euvic Solutions develops software, Euvic Energy provides applications for energy management , while Euvic GMBH makes the company’s services available in Germany and Euvic Inc. – in the US and Canada.

LG Nexera AG – is one of the three founders of Euvic and has it’s headquarter in Vienna. LG NEXERA is one of the leading suppliers of time management systems and mobile solutions for fieldworkers of enterprises, with a total of more than 150.000 users.

Omnis Sp. z o.o. – the company implements ERP systems, also in the field of data warehousing and business intelligence, systems integration, delivery of IT infrastructure and Oracle technology.

IT-Dev Sp. z o.o. – the company is one of the leaders of the Polish market as regards creating intranets, solutions to facilitate workflow and information management based on MS SharePoint.

X-Code Sp. z o.o. – the company provides comprehensive software development services, offers outsourcing of IT professionals, creates solutions to support management and communication.

Speednet Sp. z o.o. – is a company specializing in web solutions and mobile applications. For more than 14 years Speednet has been offering dedicated software production services and IT professionals outsourcing, successfully provided its help to customers in Poland and in foreign markets. The company currently employs more than 90 staff, including backend and frontend developers, mobile applications developers, UX / UI designers, testers, project managers and business analysts. Its clients include both international corporations and innovative start-ups. Speednet develops software and provides staff for the banking, insurance, logistics, commercial, medical, media, social media and entertainment industry.

Internetium Sp.z o.o. – the company specializes in the architecture of business solutions based on .NET technology and also produces software, mainly for banks and insurers.

Hycom S.A. – creates and helps to use the most sophisticated, professional and customized omnichannel e‑commerce solutions.

Bonair is a company with the broadest and highest competency in the field of Microsoft ERP, CRM and BI systems. As a company we are conducting the largest projects for the production and service industry, retail sector and public administration in Poland and abroad. Bonair carries out implementation projects based on both the client’s infrastructure and CLOUD environment. The company offers a comprehensive set of services ranging from analysis, concept development solutions and the selection of appropriate technology, design and implementation to service support, consultation and training.

IT Works – provides IT outsourcing services – comprehensively or selectively – such as service desk and user support, system and application administration, monitoring of the infrastructure and systems, hosting and collacation. The company conducts specialized audits of IT areas and provides its own modern tool for business process management of the ITSM ATMOSFERA® class. IT Works is also a proffesional cloud services provider.

iFormation – specializes in acquiring and delivering big IT projects. Our delivery teams are mainly based on resources and competencies offered by Euvic technology group. The management of iFormation emphasizes the need to use the experience gathered during various software implementation projects involving industrial solutions. Company supports mostly companies operating outside of Poland, mainly within European Union.

SOFTIQ – provides advanced IT solutions, especially in the field of system integration based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and also implements JAVA/JEE, Android, iOS projects.

Codlake – has extensive experience in implementing complex and critical software development projects for clients from various industries. Range of software services includes full analytics, architecture, UX/UI design, development, tests and full project management as well as software life cycle. The projects are managed by classic and agile methods. In frontend and backend we rely on modern and verified mature technologies.


Team Connect – recruitment, staff outsourcing


Omnitec – network and infrastructure solutions, integration

Euvic Sollutions

Euvic Solutions – staff outsourcing, consulting and training

Euvic Services – Microsoft cloud solutions


BlueBrain – printing management

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IT Works S.A. is becoming Euvic IT S.A



We are proud to announce that IT Works S.A. has changed its name to Euvic IT S.A.


This name change and rebranding reflect increasingly closer collaboration within the Euvic Technology Group.


Please note that the contact details, company registration details (tax identification number NIP, registration number REGON) and account numbers remain unchanged.


It shall not affect the validity of contract and agreements concluded prior to the change.


Please visit our new website


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Address: ul. Stanisława Skarżyńskiego 9, 31-866 Kraków

NIP: 585-11-89-879

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KRS: 0000043721, District Court for Krakow-Śródmieście in Krakow, XI Commercial Division